Thursday, April 13, 2006

Follow Up

In a reply by "Mr. X" (maybe this is Homer Simpson), some questions were posted. "Mr. X" writes, "Dont you think all these immigrants would have liked to have entered the US legally and become citzens? Do you think the US immigration system would let in thousands of poor mexicans in each year? So what is left for them except to get in ileagally."

First, I am sure some of these people would have liked to do this, but I DO KNOW that the US immigration system would not let in thousands of poor Mexicans (by the way, proper names need to be capitalized Mr. X. Perhaps you should have paid attention in English class). The reason why the immigration system would not allow more people in is because it does take quite a bit of time just for immigrants to become naturalized citizens.

The reason why is because it is a huge numbers game in the country. Thousands of people around the world want to live in the United States. However, if they want to live here, they need to adopt to an American identity.

So what is left for them? One idea is to try and do something on the homefront. It isn't easy, I will grant, but nothing in life ever does come easy. "Mr. X," you come from Germany. Look at your nation's history. It has been less than twenty years since the Berlin Wall fell and your nation was reunified. It was not as if that was an easy thing to do. Citizens in East Berlin who would have wanted to be free could easily have been shot. However, they percevered and worked towards getting reunification. Yes, there were other events that happened. However, Germany as a whole worked to get the nation back together.

If a person wishes to come into the United States, do it legally. If it takes time to reach your goal, then so be it. Contrary to popular belief, things do not happen at a snap of a finger. It does take time. The world is also not an easy place to live in. Some things do not go your own way. The United States Congress is trying to do things to help make things better. However, if the people do not give the politicians a chance to do something, then nothing will be done.

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