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Chris Benoit 1967-2007

World Heavyweight Champion
4 time Intercontinental Champion
3 time WWE World Tag Team Champion
3 time WWE United States Champion
WWE Tag Team Champion
WCW World Heavyweight Champion
3 time WCW Television Champion
2 time WCW Tag Team Champion
2 time WCW United States Champion
Universal Wrestling Association Light Heavyweight Champion
4 time Stampede British Commonwealth Mid Heavyweight Champion
4 time Stampede International Tag Team Champion
IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

Chris Benoit held 30 titles in a 22 year career. If you do the averages, there wasn't a single year of his career then where he did not hold a title belt. Even if he were to have another title for 8 more years, he could say upon retirement that every year of his career would have one title based off of the number of belts he wore around hsi waist. His career screams Hall of Fame bound.

Sadly, this will not be the case. It has been announced Chris Benoit strangled his wife, smothered his son, and then hung himself. Like many people around the world who love wrestling, I am STUNNED by this. Usually when I hear about a wrestler who dies, it comes with them having died in their hotel room due to previous years abuse of drugs. This set of circumstances surrounding Chris Benoit is nothing short of mind bending. The investigation is looking into whether or not Benoit took steroids before the murders had occured. If that is the case, this could be chalked up towards roid rage, but it is still an embarrassing and difficult situation for WWE officials to deal with as this will undoubtedly call into question the legitimacy of their wellness policy in regards to wrestlers not using drugs.

WWE has already begun distancing themselves from Chris Benoit. His name is being removed from virtually everything and it will be very interesting to see how their storylines will be developed following this tragic incident. While Chris Benoit may never end up in the Hall of Fame, his career is one which will certainly be very impressive, at least in terms of athletics. Sadly, I fer Chris Benoit now must join the ranks of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and Pete Rose. This isn't the way his career should of ended.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

American Film Institute's Top 100 Films

Below are the top 100 films made in America that the AFI found to be the best of the best. Back in 1998 Citizen Kane held the top honor and it is still the reigning and defending champion. I placed into bold the films I have seen. Out of the top ten, I have seen 8/10. Over all, I have seen 47/100. Not too bad all things considered. I think a big reason for being able to see a lot of these films is because DVDs are now being released featuring these titles, along with the fact that Turner Classic Movies gives a great line up of films every so often. So how does everyone else rank on the film list? Do you think there should be a film on this list that didn't make it? Personally, I think Birth of a Nation should have been on it. Yes, I know there is a great deal of controversy around the movie, but as a social and historical tool, it is a film that did a lot to the movie industry and to the nation's history. I also think the original Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ should have been on here as well.

1. "Citizen Kane," 1941.
2. "The Godfather," 1972.
3. "Casablanca," 1942.
4. "Raging Bull," 1980.
5. "Singin' in the Rain," 1952.
6. "Gone With the Wind," 1939.
7. "Lawrence of Arabia," 1962.
8. "Schindler's List," 1993.
9. "Vertigo," 1958.
10. "The Wizard of Oz," 1939.
11. "City Lights," 1931.
12. "The Searchers," 1956.
13. "Star Wars," 1977.
14. "Psycho," 1960.
15. "2001: A Space Odyssey," 1968.
16. "Sunset Blvd.", 1950.
17. "The Graduate," 1967.
18. "The General," 1927.
19. "On the Waterfront," 1954.
20. "It's a Wonderful Life," 1946.
21. "Chinatown," 1974.
22. "Some Like It Hot," 1959.
23. "The Grapes of Wrath," 1940.
24. "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial," 1982.
25. "To Kill a Mockingbird," 1962.
26. "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," 1939.
27. "High Noon," 1952.
28. "All About Eve," 1950.
29. "Double Indemnity," 1944.
30. "Apocalypse Now," 1979.
31. "The Maltese Falcon," 1941.
32. "The Godfather Part II," 1974.
33. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," 1975.
34. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," 1937.
35. "Annie Hall," 1977.
36. "The Bridge on the River Kwai," 1957.
37. "The Best Years of Our Lives," 1946.
38. "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre," 1948.
39. "Dr. Strangelove," 1964.
40. "The Sound of Music," 1965.
41. "King Kong," 1933.
42. "Bonnie and Clyde," 1967.
43. "Midnight Cowboy," 1969.
44. "The Philadelphia Story," 1940.
45. "Shane," 1953.
46. "It Happened One Night," 1934.
47. "A Streetcar Named Desire," 1951.
48. "Rear Window," 1954.
49. "Intolerance," 1916.
50. "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," 2001.
51. "West Side Story," 1961.
52. "Taxi Driver," 1976.
53. "The Deer Hunter," 1978.
54. "M-A-S-H," 1970.
55. "North by Northwest," 1959.
56. "Jaws," 1975.
57. "Rocky," 1976.
58. "The Gold Rush," 1925.
59. "Nashville," 1975.
60. "Duck Soup," 1933.
61. "Sullivan's Travels," 1941.
62. "American Graffiti," 1973.
63. "Cabaret," 1972.
64. "Network," 1976.
65. "The African Queen," 1951.
66. "Raiders of the Lost Ark," 1981.
67. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", 1966.
68. "Unforgiven," 1992.
69. "Tootsie," 1982.
70. "A Clockwork Orange," 1971.
71. "Saving Private Ryan," 1998.
72. "The Shawshank Redemption," 1994.
73. "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," 1969.
74. "The Silence of the Lambs," 1991.
75. "In the Heat of the Night," 1967.
76. "Forrest Gump," 1994.
77. "All the President's Men," 1976.
78. "Modern Times," 1936.
79. "The Wild Bunch," 1969.
80. "The Apartment, 1960.
81. "Spartacus," 1960.
82. "Sunrise," 1927.
83. "Titanic," 1997.
84. "Easy Rider," 1969.
85. "A Night at the Opera," 1935.
86. "Platoon," 1986.
87. "12 Angry Men," 1957.
88. "Bringing Up Baby," 1938.
89. "The Sixth Sense," 1999.
90. "Swing Time," 1936.
91. "Sophie's Choice," 1982.
92. "Goodfellas," 1990.
93. "The French Connection," 1971.
94. "Pulp Fiction," 1994.
95. "The Last Picture Show," 1971.
96. "Do the Right Thing," 1989.
97. "Blade Runner," 1982.
98. "Yankee Doodle Dandy," 1942.
99. "Toy Story," 1995.
100. "Ben-Hur," 1959.

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Prepare ship...

Prepare ship for Ludicrous Speed!

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I got a fever.....

and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!!!!!!!!!

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20 Years Ago...

Hat tip to Riley over at Virtucon.

"Because we remained strong, the Soviets came back to the table." -Ronald Reagan.

Words which say it all. It meant a lot then and in today's world, I think those words mean more now. As long as we remain strong, the terrorists will never win.

Monday, June 11, 2007

CHUCK NORRIS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck's Platform:

1. Require members of Congress to work out on the Total Gym 15 minutes each day – or else they can't vote on anything.

2. Cut spending by dismissing the Secret Service, at least for my eight years in office (why would I need them?).

3. Resurrect Bruce Lee and appoint him head of homeland security (OK, the CIA and FBI too).

4. Give a presidential pardon to … no one, ever. Baretta was right in the '70s, "Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time. Don't do it!"

5. Turn the Rose Garden into a new fighting ring for the World Combat League, in which liberals and conservatives will fight for legislative leadership and priority. (For fun, Saturday night fights will feature a recurring bout between Hannity and Colmes). "American Idol" already told me they will provide the entertainment.

6. Require Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to personally pay for national, comprehensive medical coverage for every American (or meet me in the Rose Garden).

7. Increase jobs in America by sending ninja teams to sabotage and steal them back from other countries.

8. Tattoo an American flag with the words, "In God we trust," on the forehead of every atheist.

9. Give a tax credit to anyone naming their children Walker or Texas Ranger (excluding Will Farrell).

10. Resolve the Iraq war by bringing all of our military personnel home immediately, then going over there by myself for "martial arts negotiations."

11. Hang Saddam Hussein (Whoops – scratch that – already did it undercover).

11. Convey my plan for world peace to the United Nations: taking the governor of California with me on our "kick butt and ask questions later" USO world tour.

12. Give every new military enlistee abroad a copy of my upcoming new book, "The Threat of Justice," with the words, "Arnold and I will be back to pump you up!" above my autograph.

13. Bring on Donald Trump as my apprentice. When my presidential term is complete and he has obtained his black belt, or whichever comes first, he can buy the White House and of course rename it (to, what else, "The Trump House").

14. Create new immigration legislation: to deport all liberals (then force them to listen to Bill O' Reilly every day for five years, at which point they may return).

15. Ask producer Mark Barnett to film "Survivor – Camp David," where world leaders will meet annually, for an all-out cage-fighting championship. The winner will take home $1,000,000 in Disney Dollars, good in Europe or America.

16. Send an autographed photo of me and my horse (no dogs in my White House) to everyone who commits to read my new WorldNetDaily "presidential column" and blast a blog who dares to disagree with me.

17. Complete the plan to bring Tony Blair to the U.S. as my vice president.

18. Expose the real WMDs – my fists and feet.

19. Replace Letterman, Leno or Conan once monthly, since stand-up comedy is what most governmental officials do anyway.

20. Ask Al Gore to provide me with a special governmental study on the connection between spotted owl extinction and global warming. (I'm pretty sure Michael Moore will film the docudrama).

21. Help Rosie transition from "The View" to the pew – it might help her get over that anger problem. If the pew doesn't work, she can spar Trump in the Rose Garden.

First and foremost, however, his greatest priorities will be to …

Personally smoke out bin Laden by myself and round-house kick him all the way back to America, where my United Fighting Arts Federation will handle the justice issues.

Make all Chuck Norris facts come true (well, not quite all of them – I'm a happily, married man!)

I for one, LOVE this platform. I could easily get behind this one 100%. Sadly, I don't think Chuck is going to run. While he puts his support behind Newt Gingrich, I think I might have to risk facing a possible round house kick by backing Fred Thompson.

Friday, June 08, 2007

When is it too young?

So I was listening to the Kane Show on Hot 99.5 (yes I like Kane's show) and he had an interesting story on the show. It would seem that some parents get kids a limo for their graduation from 6th grade to 7th grade. One school sent a flyer out to parents asking them not to have their children get dropped off by a limo outside of school because it shows how some kids are part of a clique while others are excluded.

Here is the point Kane made: why is it the school says some kids can't ride in a limo, but they can be dropped off in their parents Mercedes of BMW's?

In all honesty, I do think getting a limo for a 6th grader is going over board. When I graduated from 6th grade, I think my parents just gave out a big sigh of relief that I graduated.

So why is it parents do something like this? Listening to the radio, you get the impression that a number of parents just want to spoil their children. Others see this as a reward for their children doing good work throughout the year. I think it is a mixture of both. There ARE a lot of parents who like to spoil their children now a days. In fact, even on the radio, the discussion on this went into the area of rights of passage.

It seems that in this area the age for getting certain things like a limo, cell phones, earings, etc. is getting younger and younger. By the time a child reaches the natural age of passage for something, the event that is suppossed to be special in their life has already occurred. So what are they to do?