Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween 2006

Halloween is almost upon us. It is during this time we have goblins and ghouls running around asking for candy. However, at the same time, we hav all the different horror movies coming out on television and giving us all good chills and thrills. Since I have a night free, what horror films will I watch this year you might ask? Well, here is what we have. Thanks to the Sci Fi Channel, I was able to get two films in.

Mortuary: This film was on at 3pm. The film deals with a family who moves into a a small town in California where the mother acts as the town mortician. There seems to be a family curse on the house where she lives and a great deal of chasing occurs for the movie's teens. Starring Denise Crosby, this film proves to be a good scare if you allow yourself to get caught up in it.

Village of the Damned: Starring Christopher Reeves and Kirstie Alley, this films looks at a small town where a group of children are all born on the same day. With white blonde hair and blue eyes, the children have powers unlike any that people have seen before. Can they be stopped, or will the children come to rule the world?

House on Haunted Hill: Which version is what a movie buff would ask. The one I have on is the remake starring Geoffrey Rush. Dealing with a group of people locked in an asylum for one night, the name of the game is money. If you can survive the night, you get one million dollars. A pretty sweet deal at the face of it, but what happens when the house is alive and trying to kill you? This is a film where if your house creeks alot, you might need all the lights on.

Snow White: What happens when you take the classic Disney cartoon, turn it into a live action film, and decide to really make it scary? Answer: this film. Sigourney Weaver as the wicked witch is a perfect casting. The way in which the film is remade is spectacular and makes you happy the kids version is the first one you see. As an adult, you can appreciate it more for the fact that it answers some questions of like: why doesn't the witch try to kill off the dwarves?

The Shining: The be all, end all of any horror film marathon. Any person with common sense knows this film starring Jack Nicholson is just AWESOME. A Stanley Kubrick classic, this film looks at a caretaker who loses his mind at a hotel out in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and tries to kill his wife and son. A guarantee classic if ever there was one.

After being scared half to death or at least having enough pent up emotion to create some scary as anything dreams, how do you break the tension of it? Well, a good comedy will more than take care of that problem. But which comedy is recommended before bed? Answer: any. I haven't decided which one I will go with as the movie to end the night and go to bed on, but I am sure I will be able to think of something. Just a few movie ideas for everyone this Halloween. Below are other movie suggestions for Halloween viewing. Anyone else have ideas I might have missed?

The Halloween Series
Friday the 13th Series
Nightmare on Elm Street Series
Vincent Price movies
Child's Play Series
Classic Horror Films: Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon

Monday, October 23, 2006

Musical Monday

Last night was TNA's Bound for Glory Pay Per View. This event was held in Detroit, Michigan and went up against the World Series. The arena they were at held about three thousand people and was an aswesome show from start to finish.

This week's song is the themes song for the ppv, sung by the band Fozzy. The lead singer is former wrestler Chris Jericho, who was the first Undisputed Heavyweight wrestling champion after the wrestling wars ended officially.

Enjoy the vidoe. This is an awesome song!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday Main Event

King of the Mountain

This is the first ever King of the Mountain match TNA ever put on. While this is not necessarily an older match, this one is still a classic as it is a first match. The rules are explained by the first minute of the video.

Now this one is twenty minutes long, but WELL worth the watch. A high spot to note is AJ Styles, who will do a running start and then leap over the penalty box. Trust me on this one, it is a good spot.

What is truly noteworthy about this match is that shortly after this match, TNA will move to cable television on FSN and have their first major pay per view: Victory Road.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Messin with Sasquatch - Shaving Cream

This is too funny.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Night Movie Review

School for Scoundrels
I just got back from the Ballston Regal Theaters where I saw tonight's feature review. To begin with, my suspicion about possibly running into a student from the school where I work at came true as literally three seconds after I got my ticket ripped in half the person behind the concession stand called out my name. *SIGH* Oh well, at least they were nice enough not to bug me about what movie I was going to see.
Anyway, the movie star Billy Bob Thornton as Dr. P and Jon Heder as Roger. Roger is a regular guy who tends to get walked all over by society. One day he is given Dr. P's number and enrolls in a class designed to teach him how to stand up to the world and stop being treated like a sucker. Roger excels in the class and discovers that his mentor plans to make an example out of his star pupil. Hilarity ensues as the two men battle each other over the affection of Amanda, played by Jacinda Barrett. I won't spoil the ending, but I will point out a few funny moments:
1. Pretty funny when Heder gets shot in the groin by a paint ball gun from only a foot away.
2. Damn funny when Dr. P takes shock paddles to his own groin.
3. Any reference students make about Lecher (Michael Clarke Duncan) will make you laugh. Trust me on this one.
As for previews, Will Ferrel has a new film coming out, but I don't know how successful it will be. But two films I want to see are:
1. National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj
2. Mr. Woodcock
Both films are comedies and should be well worth the price of admission. As for School of Scoundrels, it is a lot like Old School in its humor, but I do think the film is geared for an audience who enjoys seeing some physical humor. I must admit, this is a film I will be interested in getting on DVD when it comes out.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday Main Event

"Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers vs. Johnny Valentine

For this week, we have a classic black and white match from the olden days. In this case, the match is shown via clips on a news reel. In addition to this, the match is fast forwarded a little in order to move things along just like it is slowed down a little as well. The ring is technically a boxing ring, but it still got the job done when it came to wrestling. Still a classic considering most of Buddy Rogers' matches aren't seen by many people.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Caling out all ideas

On Thursday I will be taping a show called Virginia Time Travel. The show will discuss different themes pertainign to the history of Virginia itself. At the moment, we have 8 shows lines up to tape, but after that it gets a little hard to come up with ideas. The reason is because each show is centered around a theme that could be used at any time throughout a school year by schools across the country. If there is a show dealing with a specific event (like a rally), we might as well not even bother doing that show because future dvd's of the show would be worthless. So I am asking the bloggers who still check out this site to give me a few show ideas. Who knows, maybe one of you will have a really good one.

Rules: Show must be based off of a theme. Show must not have some inherent one side swing/spin to it. Show must relate to Virginia is some manner.

Tapings will begin on Thursday and I will announce when the first show will air. Hope to hear soem great ideas!

Monday, October 09, 2006


Sunday, October 08, 2006

No Mercy Results

Match 7: Fatal Four Way World Heavyweight Title Match: King Booker vs. Batista vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay-ALL HAIL KING BOOKER!!!!!!! Winner King Booker via pinfall. ALL HAIL KING BOOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Match 6: Chris Benoit vs. William Regal-Winner Chris Benoit via submission. Side Note: Great match and well worth the surprise.

HOLY SHNIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRIS BENOIT IS BACK!!!!!

Match 5: Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero-Winner Rey Mysterio via pinfall.

Match 4: Mr. Kennedy vs. Undertaker (Non Title Match)-Winner by Disqualification Mr. Kennedy...........KENNEDY!!!!!

Match 3: MVP vs. Matt Garner-MVP wins, but I called this one: Bathroom Match.

Match 2: Tag Team Title Match-Paul London and Brian Kendrick (c) vs. KC James and Idol Stevens-Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick via pinfall.

Match 1: Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy (Non Title Match)-Winner Matt Hardy via pinfall.

WWE Pay Per View No Mercy

Tonight is No Mercy, brought to you by the WWE Brand Smackdown! Overall, this show looks like it will be a good one wrestling wise. Smackdown has consistantly produced better matches than Raw, but is always classified as the B show. So here is the card:

World Heavyweight Title Match: King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Batista vs. Finlay
Tag Team Title Match: Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. KC James and Idol Stevens
Cruiserweight Title Match: Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy
Falls Count Anywhere: Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero
Mr. Kennedy vs. Undertaker
Debut of MVP

While the card is subject to change, here are my predictions:
1. MVP is your bathroom break match.
2. If Kennedy does have to defend his title, he will probably lose. But I am going to go out on a limb here and say Kennedy will win, but probably through a count out or disqualification.
3. Chavo Guerrero is going to win this one so that there will be a Wrestlemania match between the two.
4. I think Gregory Helms is going to retain the title tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if the feud between Helms and Hardy continues.
5. Considering how any new "hot" team becomes tag champs, I am betting Stevens and James will win the tag titles tonight in what could be a show stealing match.
6. ALL HAIL KING BOOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Booker T will retain the title. Little doubt of that in my mind. He has been a good champion thus far and his fake English accent is too funny.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Papa Roach - ...To Be Loved

Monday Night Raw's new theme song. Pretty cool song.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wednesday Main Event

“Pretty Boy” Bobby Heenan vs. Cowboy Bob Ellis

This match is certainly a classic for any wrestling fan. A young Bobby “The Brain” Heenan in the ring. While he might not have been the best wrestler out there, the man was a master of working the microphone. Note how he is able to try and make a “convincing” argument as to how he should not wrestle his opponnent for almost 6 months.

For those wondering, the two big guys with Heenan are The Blackjacks, a vicious tag team who could make many opponents wish they were anywhere but in the ring. By today’s standards, the most notable part of this team is that there is a BJ initial for Blackjacks inside a horseshoe on the back of the two men’s tights.

The bulldog headlock is now just used as a wear down move, but back at this time, the move was impressive enough to finish an opponent off. If you get anything out of this match, it is how a wrestler/manager can use his personality to get a lot of people mad at him. Truly a classic for The Brain.

New Feature

As a part of my new format, I want to begin a new line up with Wednesday Main Event. Each Wednesday I will be posting a link to YouTube with a classic wrestling match, with commentary by yours truly here on the blog. Some of the matches here are going to be classics featuring wrestlers who you would have thought would never have done some things. For more current wrestling fans, it might be a difficult thing to watch as the matches are VERY different from the ways they are now.

I will post come current match stuff up. Still toying with a few other ideas, but I am sure folks will come to like what I am doing, in one way or another.