Monday, November 12, 2007

Can a Mosquito be a Lawyer?

I think so. Let's face, they already are, after all, blood sucking parasites. All they need is a briefcase and then they are set. Hat tip to Bee Movie. Go check it out!

An omen of things to come?

Read on if you dare...



Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Classroom Election Results

The time is 338pm and here are the results from my classroom elections dealing with some of the races for today.

J. M. Devolites Davis: 48 Winner
J. C. "Chap" Petersen: 36

Ken Cuccinelli: 72 Winner
Janet Oleszek: 12

John T. Frey: 59 Winner
Joseph Oddo: 14
Dale Evans: 10

Patrick McDade: 49 Winner
Ray Morrough: 35

Gary Baise: 61 Winner
Gerry Connelly: 23

Total number of possible students to vote: 94
Total number of ballots cast: 84
Remaining number not cast due to absence: 10

The time is 342pm.

Election Predictions

It is now 802 am and these are my official predictions for the elections.

J. M. Devolites Davis vs. Chap Petersen. I expect this one to come down to the last vote. I will not be surprised whatsoever if there is a recount done. At this point, I am saying this is a toss up election as I have no idea who will win. Will the recent issue of Chap's address push him into the Senate? It might, but only time will tell.

Ken Cuccinelli vs. Janet Oleszek. Cuccinelli is going to win this one all the way. Odds are it will be a close margin, but considering everything I have seen with Oleszek, I am sure she is a very nice woman and good at doing things on the school board level, but she is not as impressive a candidate for state senate. Perhaps she should try again as a delegate candidate.

Gerry Connelly vs. Gary Baise. Considering the way in which Connelly has acted and not listened to the people of the county, expect Baise to win.

Ray Morrough vs. Patrick McDade. It is youth vs. experience. I think McDade is going to win this one due to the fact that he is giving statistics and is showing how the Commonwealth Attorney is not doing his job for this particular area. I have met McDade and find him to be very personable and also very sincere. Expect big things from him in the state level of politics. If he can get a good following, he could make the jump into the national scene.

John Frey vs. Dale Evans vs. Joseph Oddo. Considering the real lack of signs for Oddo and Evans, I think Frey is going to win this one. Considering the number of married couples who got John Frey to sign their marriage license, I would image he will get their votes.

Joe Morrisey. "Fightin Joe" is back. I expect him to win his Delegate seat without too much trouble, especially since he is, as far as I can see, running unoppossed.

Control fo the House fo Delegates. I think the Republicans are going to maintain control of the House.

Control fo the Senate. This is going to be a close one. I am calling it a Republican controlled Senate, BUT at a 20-20 split with the Lt. Gov. being the tie breaker.

What is going to happen to Ben Tribbett? Depending on hwo the Davis Petersen race goes, I fully expect Ben to blow his lid on this one. Considering how he has become so ingrained with the election, I think the life lesson to be learned here to is to always have avenues of escape in your life to be able to let off steam instead of letting it build up.

Thos are my predictions. Further commentary to come. The time is 815.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Tribbett Says He May Not Vote

According to Ben Tribbett, he may not vote tomorrow for Election Day. Truth be told, I think he did that so he could get a lot of people to go onto his site and have them say over and over all the reasons why people should vote. I have a high doubts that he is not going to vote, but if he really does not go out and vote, I think this will solidify the opinion I have that he (Tribbett) will have no ground to stand on whatsoever to complain about local politics for at least a year.

"All bad politicians were elected by people who chose not to vote."

If ever you doubted life was in the womb....

This story is the one for you.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

My Interview With General Washington

Recently, I got an opportunity to interview General George Washington for my show, Virginia Time Travel. As such, the half hour spent with the General was certainly a very enjoyable and educating experience, as it allowed me to speak with the man himself in his own words and thougts. If ever there was a reason to find that first person interviews are important to understanding history, this would be one of the ways in whih to prove that it is such a good idea. The episode is expected to be on the air in February, around the time of General Washington's birthday.