Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Caling out all ideas

On Thursday I will be taping a show called Virginia Time Travel. The show will discuss different themes pertainign to the history of Virginia itself. At the moment, we have 8 shows lines up to tape, but after that it gets a little hard to come up with ideas. The reason is because each show is centered around a theme that could be used at any time throughout a school year by schools across the country. If there is a show dealing with a specific event (like a rally), we might as well not even bother doing that show because future dvd's of the show would be worthless. So I am asking the bloggers who still check out this site to give me a few show ideas. Who knows, maybe one of you will have a really good one.

Rules: Show must be based off of a theme. Show must not have some inherent one side swing/spin to it. Show must relate to Virginia is some manner.

Tapings will begin on Thursday and I will announce when the first show will air. Hope to hear soem great ideas!


Bwana said...


1. Immigration...see how Virginia was populated in two different movements...from the seaboard moving west, and also from the north moving south through the Shenandoah Valley, and how that led ultimately to West Va coming into being.

2. transportation...how Virginia bet early on using canals instead of RR, and how that impacted the state compared to NY, etc.

3. Development of education in Virginia, especially how we have so many small, private colleges.

4. Bill of Rights fight in Virginia...how the absence of the protection of individual liberties almost caused the Virginia legislature to vote down the proposed US Constitution.

Let me know if you have questions: renaissanceruminations@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I would think something with life in the 1700's... George Washington era would be cool or with the battlefields.. maybe even show a re enactment? The whole Jamestown thing and colonial Williamsburg is still fascinating to me.... okay i am famous person kind of kid, but its some ideas.....