Friday, June 08, 2007

When is it too young?

So I was listening to the Kane Show on Hot 99.5 (yes I like Kane's show) and he had an interesting story on the show. It would seem that some parents get kids a limo for their graduation from 6th grade to 7th grade. One school sent a flyer out to parents asking them not to have their children get dropped off by a limo outside of school because it shows how some kids are part of a clique while others are excluded.

Here is the point Kane made: why is it the school says some kids can't ride in a limo, but they can be dropped off in their parents Mercedes of BMW's?

In all honesty, I do think getting a limo for a 6th grader is going over board. When I graduated from 6th grade, I think my parents just gave out a big sigh of relief that I graduated.

So why is it parents do something like this? Listening to the radio, you get the impression that a number of parents just want to spoil their children. Others see this as a reward for their children doing good work throughout the year. I think it is a mixture of both. There ARE a lot of parents who like to spoil their children now a days. In fact, even on the radio, the discussion on this went into the area of rights of passage.

It seems that in this area the age for getting certain things like a limo, cell phones, earings, etc. is getting younger and younger. By the time a child reaches the natural age of passage for something, the event that is suppossed to be special in their life has already occurred. So what are they to do?

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