Friday, April 06, 2007

A Life Lesson From Scrubs

Last night, Scrubs decided to do an amazing episode which took two weeks to play out. It dealt with Nurse Laverne Roberts who is a long time veteran nurse with lots of sass and a devotion to Jesus which is absolutely amazing. Last week, Laverne and Doctor Cox had argument on the existence of God. As Laverne pointed out, everything happens for a reason. While Cox tried to prove her wrong, everything he gave as an example proved that there was something worse which could have happened. Eventually, Laverne tells Cox that without her faith, she could never work in a hospital. Unfortunately, Laverne got into a car crash and was placed in intensive care.

Part II of the show had everyone in the hospital say goodbye to Laverene as they discovered she was brain dead. After Carla said goodbye, Laverne died. Scrubs has had a number of people on the show die before, but I think what makes this one different is that Laverne was one of those characters who you kind of figured would always be around. The scenes she had were ones which always gave you a laugh.

In the end, I think the lesson to be learned here, especially during this Easter season, is that everything happens for a reason. Life can be very interesting. In the end, if we trust in God and know that what He wants for us will come to pass, it will happen.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your cool blog on Laverne from the show Scrubs, It's really refreshing to read something that leaves you with some food for thought instead of listening to people argue a point and end up hurling insults at one another.. instead of agreeing to disagree and continuing to live another day.. again.. Thank you