Monday, May 07, 2007

You got to wonder sometimes...

So the environmentalists have come up with a few new ideas in order to help keep the planet from going completely out of control. One plan which was recommended comes from Great Britain and the Optimum Population Trust. The plan is relatively simple: have fewer children. As the report looks at carbon dioxide emissions given from people, it notes how larger families produce more carbon dioxide each year. In addition to this, there is the concern that by having larger families, the world will not be able to support the population increase. By 2050, it is expected that the world will be up to 9.2 billion people.

That is a lot of people to deal with on the planet; however, the article does go on to note that the increase of population on the planet would be found primarily in developing nations. Meanwhile, those nations which are seen as developed will remain as they are. The problem is that the developed nations should have fewer children. In addition to that, if a couple is going to get married, they should be informed of the hazards having lots of kids will have on the environment.

If you think that one was weird, I do have another one for you. Paul Watson, who is the founder and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is calling humanity a virus on Earth. Specifically, he sees humanity being like the AIDS virus. His own ideas for how to fix the world’s problems are also rather interesting.

• “No human community should be larger than 20,000 people and separated from other communities by wilderness areas.” New York, London, Paris, Moscow are all too big. Then again, so are Moose Jaw, Timbuktu and even Annapolis, Md.
• “We need vast areas of the planet where humans do not live at all and where other species are free to evolve without human interference.”
• “We need to radically and intelligently reduce human populations to fewer than one billion.”
• “Sea transportation should be by sail. The big clippers were the finest ships ever built and sufficient to our needs. Air transportation should be by solar powered blimps when air transportation is necessary.”
• At least Watson was generous and said people could still talk with one another across great distances. “Communication systems can link the communities,” he proclaimed from on high.

Hmm. “Radically and intelligently reduce human populations.” Am I the only one who finds that this sounds a little familiar?

The only part of this plan I like it returning sailing ships to the sea. For me, that doesn’t seem like too bad of an option, but we could certainly keep airplanes and other transport items for larger goods.

The question which comes to my mind is how willing are some of the people to put their plans into effect. For instance, is Paul Watson going to allow himself to die in the mass extermination of humanity that he wants? Will members of the Optimum Population Trust really limit themselves to having only two children? Thoughts?


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