Thursday, August 09, 2007

African American History on Virginia Time Travel

Today marked the first day of the new taping season for Virginia Time Travel. Two shows were taped, but one is going to be rushed through post production for immediate airing. This month's show deals with African American history in Alexandria, Virginia.

The show has Audrey Davis and Carlton Funn Sr. discussing their respective organizations and how they impact black history in Alexandria. Ms. Davis is the Assistant Director and Curator for the Alexandria Black History Museum. Mr. Funn is the Chairman of the Alexandria Society for the Preservation of Black Heritage.

During the interview, both gave a great deal of stories and information pertaining to the history of Alexandria for African Americans. It is a truly inspiring episode that was taped and I am happy that it went off as well as it did. So I have a trivia question for my readers: Who was the first black basketball player in the NBA?

What is rather interesting is some of the stories around this man and how so very few people know about him. In addition to that, we discussed a man by the name of Charles Hamilton Houston. Not a lot of folks will know he is, but I promise you, when you see the show, you will be amazed at the new information you receive about this man.

Overall, I think this will be one of the best episodes that we have ever taped. For those who are out of the area, I highly recommend working to get local television stations to contact Channel 10 studios here in Merrifield, Virginia, and have a copy of the show sent to your stations to be aired.

For those in the viewing area, Virginia Time Travel aires on Channel 10 and this episode will have their aire dates: August 23 at 600pm, August 24 at 900pm, and August 27 at 600am. I hope you all watch and I think you will be greatly impressed by what you will see.

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Vivian J. Paige said...

Sounds like an interesting show! You know, since I don't have cable, I don't know if we have a public access station here. But I certainly can ask the local PBS station to consider carrying it.

As for your trivia question: seems like there is a bit of controversy over who the first black player in the NBA was, at least according to this. (Yes, Google is my friend. I would have never come up with any of those names.)