Monday, October 15, 2007

People wanted the Democrats, and Now Look at What We Got

According the Washington Post, Al-Queda in Iraq is reported to be crippled. The article goes on to discuss how over the past three months, US and Iraqi forces have been able to lead successful assaults on the terrorist organization and effectively demonstrate how little control they have left in the country. There are some speculative feelings that perhaps Al-Queda is diverting men and resources over to other areas where they can work to destabilize our efforts and attempt to regain some ground there. If this is the case, could then be reasonably suggested that Al-Queda has given up on Iraq?

However, in light of this recent positive turn of events, one has to think a more negative series is bound to unfold. Low and behold, IT HAS! Drudge Report is coming out stating that the Turkish government is looking for authorization to enter into Northern Iraq. Fox News is also reporting this particular set of circumstances as well.

What could have been the cause of all of this. well, as many have noted, Democrats recently pushed through a non binding resolution condemning the killings of Armenians in Turkey after World War I. While it can be speculated that Turkey will not sever all ties with us, they could certainly do some damage.

Let us think about it. When the United States initially planned on getting rid of Saddam, we could not use Turkey as a stagin location. Today, we are able to use the country to send supplies into Iraq. If it gets cut off, what does that mean for us? Answer: we can either look for another route to get our supplies to our troops or we are forced to pull them out of Iraq.

So how does this deal with the Democrats? Answer: they have foubnd a way in which they cna not only hurt the international scene for us and another nation, but also endanger the lives of the troops, force them to be brought home prematurely, and permanently destabilize the region once and for all. It is no secret that the Democrats want us out of Iraq. That is all fine and good, but if a few member of Congress feel this is the way to do it, then there is a real probelm here.

Yes, genocide is bad. However, now we are opening up ourselves to a NEW onslaught from the international community. How long do you think it will be before other nations pass non binding resolution against us for treatment of certain peoples? Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Italians, Eastern Europeans, Catholics, Indians, this list goes on and on.

We do need a change, that is obvious. If ever we need to change the leadership of power in Congress, this might be a really good reason for it.


Charles said...

Have another glass of the Kool Aid.

BDM said...

I prefer water actually.

badrose said...

I agree with you, bdm. Sometimes watching Dems attempt to structure foreign policy is like watching a six year old with a power tool.

If only we could think of a plan to win the war and let the Dems take credit for it.