Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Classroom Election Results

Since today is Election Day and a number of my students were unable to vote in the general election due to their age, I decided to do a mock election and see who they would vote on a Virginia ballot. So here are the result:

Virginia Senate
George F. Allen (R)- 46
James H. Webb, Jr. (D)- 17

Virginia House (Chose this one because this is the district the school was in)
James Moran (D)- 31
Thomas O'Donaghue (R)- 32

Ballot Issue 1
Yes- 39
No- 24

Ballot Issue 2
Yes- 37
No- 26

Ballot Issue 3
Yes- 41
No- 22

If you pay attention to the numbers, this shows that only 63 students voted. I have 69 government students, so the six who did not vote certainly could have made a difference in the Moran race. I am willing to bet they might have tipped the scales in his favor. However, it is interesting to see what a group of high school students think. Comments?


Anonymous said...

Wow would not expect such support for Allen from high school students in Fairfax. Especially when you see that the district race is so divided between the dem and rep candiates. very intresting.

Anonymous said...

I always like to see how people choose to vote, especially the younger voters because they are more heavily influenced by peers and parents and outside forces than issues. Very interesting results and sad that 6 chose not to vote.