Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Virginia Time Travel

A while back I mentioned I was working on a television show entitled Virginia Time Travel. After doing all our filming, I am happy to announce that the premiere of the show will be occurring on Thursday at 530 pm!

Season One of the show has the following episodes:

George Washington (Premiere)
Alexandria Archeology
The Economy of the South
Carlyle House Movies
John Carlyle
War of 1812
The Legend of Braddock's Gold
Patrick Henry (Season Finale)

The show will air new episodes every month on the fourth week of the month: Tuesday 600 am, Thursday 530 pm, and Friday 930 pm.

In addition to the show, we have a website up: Time Travel 21 and it is here you can get a lot of news and information pertaining to Virginia history and historical events. If you have any show ideas, let me know or email us and we can try to develop the idea.


Republitarian's Wife said...

Your website link doesn't work.

BDM said...

All fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

Republitarian's Wife said...

Too bad we don't have tv :(