Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Dinner to Remember...

I was talking with Mason Conservative about what if you could meet one figure in history and get to talk with them. The problem with a scenario like that is there are SO many people to choose from in history that you almost have to pick more than one person to meet.

So I am going to propose this scenario: you are sitting at a table. There is a chair to your left, right, and in front of you. You are going to have dinner with three historical figures you would love to meet. The only condition to this particular dinner is that the three other people you are going to be meeting could not have met with the others in question. By doing this, you are guaranteed a great discussion throughout the entire evening.

Errol Flynn (Across)
George Washington (Left Seat)
Robert E. Lee (Right Seat)

There are my choices and where I would sit them. As many know, I am a great admirer of Washington and would love to meet him. I am also a great admirer of Lee, and would be curious to see how the two men would see each others causes and what they may think of their respective scenarios. As for Flynn, he was one of the most charasmatic individuals around in Hollywood and would provide for a degree of bravado that would makethe evening complete.

So who would you want to have dinner with?

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I'm Not Emeril said...

Good exercise. I'll bite.

Left seat, James Ewell Brown Stuart.

A local and personal hero.

Right seat, George Patton.

Imagine sitting between the two.

Across the table, Newt Gingrich.

After the other two had gone off in a corner to alternately drink and fight, the conversation across the table would be superb.