Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why Would You Want to Send an E-Card after an Abortion?

I think that is the only question that can be asked right now. An article that can found through Fox News shows us that an organization called Exhale is producing E-CARDS that can be sent to women after an abortion.

Now that I have your attention, let me continue. When we think of getting an e-card, it is usually on a happy note, but there are occasions where it might be sympathy and the only way we can actually let the person know we are sorry for something is to send the e-card. However, do we really need to send an e-card for abortions?

Already, the greeting card industry has created cards for different events such as potty training, half birthdays, and divorce. Must we add abortions to the list? I, for one, say no. As you can see here, there are six e-cards to choose from. The themes are designed to speak to different perspectives depending on how you feel.

What I find truly disturbing and also disgusting is that one card says you “did the right thing.” So killing a life is a good thing? It is not only killing a life, it is killing a life whose only crime was being created. Do we really want a card that acknowledges this?

Exhale claims to be open to all views, but one does have to wonder how serious they are in that statement. Considering that the majority of the women who founded the organization are both pro choice and had abortions, their mission statement says abortion CAN be a natural part of a woman or girl’s life, and the majority of contributors to the organization are pro choice as well, I cannot help but feel that their slant is directed towards saying abortion is the best option out there.

The fact of the matter is that abortion, in my opinion, is nothing more than a social irresponsibility. The reason why I say that is because let us think about what this says to people. For women, they are about to enter into a new stage of their life. But wait! Abortion means she can go ahead and put off having the family so she can go out partying or what ever. For men, the responsibility of being a father is no longer there. Why should they take responsibility and be a parent when they can simply say, “Hey babe, get an abortion. I will stay with you then.”

I can already sense and hear what is coming up from the reader: what about cases of rape and incest? Certainly circumstances like that are tough and a difficult choice must be made. However, is it the child’s fault for being created? No. So why then must the child’s life end? Why not put the baby up for adoption? Why not give the child a chance for life?

Well, certainly there are economic concerns to worry about. Pregnancy can cost a lot of money. But so does a lot of other things in life. While this might not be the best comparison out there, consider this question: does the amount of money it costs to have a baby exceed the amount of money you waste in the same span of nine months on frivolous expenses which you do not really need? To answer a question like that, you really need to think long and hard about everything you buy and where some things could be cut out of your life. In effect, that is what is being done with an abortion: a life is being cut out of your body.

Back to my words on irresponsibility, it seems that a lot of times people only want to think of themselves. When there is a baby in the middle, your concerns are no longer important. The only concern which is important is that of the child. It is rather interesting to note that a lot of parents talk about how they want to give every possible chance to their children when it comes to schools, resources, everything you can think of. So why is it then there are parents who will not give their children the most basic chance of all to their unborn children: life.

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Anonymous said...

I did not read the full article, because I am appalled at the concept or idea of congratulating a person on an abortion, who chose this is not a good idea. However, if the girl was raped and an abortion needed, then I can understand giving her a sympathy card. Choosing to make a baby then not take care of it does not sit well wtih me