Friday, March 30, 2007

Your Portal To The Commonwealth's Past, Present, and Future

For Time Travel 21, one of the biggest goals of the company is to present history in a light which is both informative and entertaining. In order to achieve this goal, Time Travel 21 created a television program entitled “Virginia Time Travel.” This program looks at different aspects of Virginia’s history and also looks into where the Commonwealth is going with different programs surrounding technology and the environment.

At the moment, over a dozen episodes of the show have been taped. Slowly, but surely, more information about both the company and show is being spread across Northern Virginia. Recently, an interview was conducted with the Mount Vernon Gazette regarding the show.

As the second season of tapings moves forward, Time Travel 21 is working to branch out into more avenues of interest to people throughout Northern Virginia. For those who are interested in getting Virginia Time Travel to air in their local community, email and let us know. We can work towards making sure everyone in your part of the state can be part of what is most likely the first and only state history program ever in Virginia.

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