Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tragedy of Professional Wrestling

Originally Published: November 13, 2005

While I understand some of you may wonder what does professional wrestling do with politics, I will say upfront that there is a lot to learn about politics from professional wrestling. However, I must begin this entry with a sad note. It was announced today that former heavyweight champion Eddie Guerrero passed away in his hotel room in Minneapolis. This is a tragic incident considering Eddie leave behind a widow and three daughters.

What we see here is a case of where one man controls an entire industry and makes his workers go through a life of hell all in the name of business. The man in question, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. To be fair, McMahon has done a lot for wrestling. He was able to turn a former carnival attraction into a billion dollar industry. The problem that exists though is that if one wrestler is not interested in doing something, McMahon has the power to go ahead and make their life a living hell by either firing them or making a hard worker look like nothing. One of the greatest problems with World Wrestling Entertainment is that there are no unions in the company.

As a result of this, the wrestlers must go out on the road for almost the entire year, putting their bodies on the line and never getting to see their families. For the most part, a wrestler who gets married ends up getting divorced since they are not around and are unable to be a part of a regular family life. In addition, the greatest problem wrestlers have with being on the road so much is that their bodies are put through so much pain, the world of "demons" opens up to them. A wrestler would need pain pills to numb the pain, use alcohol to forget the pain, then use other drugs to help keep them awak andmove on to the next show that they have to appear at.

Fact of the Matter

The fact of the matter with this situation is this, without someone trying to regulate what is going on in the wrestling industry, more wrestlers are prone to dying prematurely. While many people might not be too trhilled with the idea of having a union, I believe some kind of body watching the happening of professional wrestling might be needed. Other professional athletes have rules and guidelines to help protect them, but in professional wrestling, there is nothing to protect the men and women that work in this particular industry.

There are those who say the industry is fake, but lets face it, one could argue the same thing over many other sports, but I will not get into that. Instead, something needs to be done in order to allow wrestlers to get the opportunity to do something they love, but find themselves in a position where their lives will be in jeopardy.

One final thing to note is this. One of the leading killers to wrestlers is an enlarged heart. One particular legal drug that does that is the weightloss energy drugs like Stacker 2 and other products like that. One of the things that has been seen with that product is that it increases your heart speed and eventually makes your body go into a heart attack or into a stroke. So as I have said, something needs to be done or else more people will suffer.

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