Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Veteran's Day

Originally Published: November 11, 2005

Today is Veterans Day. It is on this day we remember those who have fallen in the defense of our country to make sure we remain the land of the free. In addition to honoring these brave men and women, we thank those who are still alive for all they did in this country. One would think that on this day people would not go out and do something stupid or controversial. Sadly, a hope like that is just too hard to have come true.

In Waterville, Maine, peace demonstrators placed 2,000 white flags on the graves of those soldiers who died in Iraq. Now, everyone has the right to go ahead and believe in what they want. If you are for or against something, that is fine. However, where do we draw the line. For the members of the local VFW in Waterville, the demonstrators crossed the line between political activism and desecration. Wayne Elkins, the local VFW commander, had commented that he had nothing against the demonstrators of their message. His primary concern was the cemetery. He said, “They desecrated our veterans' grounds. If they want to protest, let them protest. We don't mind. But to desecrate hallowed ground is wrong.” Elkins and four others were arrested as they went into the cemetery to take down the white flags from the graves of the fallen soldiers. They were later released under the condition that they would not return to the cemetery and remove the flags. To read the article about this story, learn more on the Waterville VFW and the peace demonstrators, click here.

Fact of the Matter

The fact of the matter to this situation is this, if a person wants to speak out on a political issue, I say go ahead. However, let the dead rest in peace. If you have to sink that low in order to get your point across, what does that say about you. Granted, this is just a small little cemetery where no one is probably going to see unless they somehow find themselves up in Waterville.
My friends, let me pose this question to you. Would you be alright with white flags being placed on the graves of those men and women buried at Arlington Cemetery? I doubt it. To honor our fallen dead is meant to be done with dignity and respect. These demonstrators can say that they were doing that until they are blue in the face (and yes, I am aware that blue is the color of Democrats), but lets think about what a white flags means.

Traditionally, we see a white flag as a sign of surrender. So let me leave you with this little thought. Would you prefer to see an American flag proudly flying over the grave of one of the brave soldiers who gave their all for their country, or a white flag making it look as if the soldier surrendered?

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