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The Battle of Little Big Horn

This was originally posted on Red State by the member "streiff" and I think it is a pretty good piece. Opinions anyone?

Sunday, June 25, 1876.

Little Big Horn River, Montana

In preparation to attack a large encampment of Sioux and allied tribes, Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer divided the 7th Cavalry into three battalions.

He accompanied the largest battalion commanded by Captain George Yates, who also commanded Company F. It consisted of 13 officers and 198 troopers from Troops C (Captain Tom Custer, commanding and LTC Custer's brother and two time Medal of Honor winner), E (First Lieutenant Algernon Smith), F (Captain George Yates), I (Captain Miles Keogh), and L (1LT James Calhoun, LTC Custer's brother-in-law).

Major Marcus Reno led the 11 officers and 131 troopers from Troops A (Captain Myles Moylan), G (First Lieutenant Donald McIntosh), and M (Captain Thomas French). In addition he was accompanied by some 35 Indian scouts and guides.

Captain Frederick Benteen, simultaneously commanding Troop H, led the 5 officers and 110 troopers from Troops D (Captain Thomas Weir), H (Captain Frederick Benteen), and K (First Lieutenant Edward Godfrey).

Captain Thomas MacDougal commanded B Troop which guarded the pack train and composed 2 officer, 127 troopers and 7 civilian mule skinners.

By the end of the day all the men accompanying Custer, save Trumpter Giovanni Martini, aka John Martin, would be dead. The remainder would be fighting for their lives.

The Battle of the Little Bighorn has been portrayed as the largest victory the American Indian ever celebrated over the forces of the United States, either before or after Independence. It wasn't. The thrashing Arthur St. Clair received at the hands of Little Turtle's Miami Confederacy holds that honor.

In many ways the Little Big Horn holds clues as to how the global war on terrorism could play out. In historical context, the growing American republic had been in conflict with the Plains Indians for about twenty years. They won periodic victories, the uprising in Minnesota in 1863, the Fetterman massacre, the treaty negotiated by Red Cloud that closed the Bozeman Trail. These victories were hollow, bringing only brief respite before yet another onset of settlers, railroads, and telegraph poles. Without stretching an already stretched analogy, a tribal society clinging to ancient ways simply lacked the means to survive the onslaught of modernity.
A society in which the clans and families which made up the tribe relied upon their men for defense and hunting simply did not have the cohesion to withstand the losses an industrial society was prepared to accept as the cost of doing business. Incredible personal courage, like that routinely exhibited by the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers was simply no match for modern firearms and men who approached war as an engineering problem rather than as a contest of heroes.

I suppose some in 1876 would argue as some do today that we are not engaged in a clash of civilizations. I have pondered this for some five years now and have concluded, sadly, that we are indeed engaged in such a clash. Just as a tribal society which viewed warfare as a rite of manhood and theft of livestock a game could not coexist with farmers, ranchers, and miners, so, too, it is difficult to conceive of a world in which civilization as it is recognized in industrialized, First World, if you will, societies can coexist with a civilization which abhors its basic philosophy.
But even while we are at war we should take a brief moment an remember those young men, on both sides, who struggled for the supremacy of their way of life under the blazing Montana sun 130 years ago.

The Fallen

Adams George E. PVT KIA Co.L * Allan Fred E. PVT KIA Co.C ** Armstrong John E PVT KIA Co.A * Assadaly Anthony PVT KIA Co.L * Atchison Thomas PVT KIA Co.F * Babcock Elmer PVT KIA Co.L * Bailey Henry A.Saddler KIA Co.I * Baker William H. PVT KIA Co.E * Barry John PVT KIA Co.I * Barth Robert PVT KIA Co.E * Bloody Knife PVT KIA Guide * Bob Tailed Bull PVT KIA Indian Scout * Botzer Edward SGT KIA Co.G * Bouyer Mitch PVT KIA Interpreter/ Indian Scout * Boyle Owen PVT KIA Co.E * Brady William PVT KIA Co.F * Brightfield John PVT KIA Co.C * Brandon Benjamin Farrier KIA Co.F * BroDhurst Joseph H. PVT KIA Co.I * Brown Benjamin Franklin PVT KIA Co.F * Brown George C. CPL KIA Co.E * Brown William PVT KIA Co.F * Bruce Patrick PVT KIA Co.F * Bucknell Thomas J. Trumpeters KIA Co.C * Burke John PVT KIA Co.L * Burnham Lucien PVT KIA Co.F * Bustard James SGT KIA Co.I * Butler James 1SGT KIA Co.L * Calhoun James 1LT KIA Co.C * Callahan John J. CPL KIA Co. K * Carney James PVT KIA Co.F * Cashan William SGT KIA Co.L * Cather Armantheus D. PVT KIA Co.F * Charley Vincent Farrier KIA Co.D * Cheever Ami PVT KIA Co.L * Clear Elihu F. PVT KIA Co.K * Coleman Charles CPL KIA Co.F * Connor Edward PVT KIA Co.E * Connors Thomas PVT KIA Co.I * Considine Martin SGT KIA Co.G * Cooke William Winer 1LT KIA Staff * Criddle Christopher PVT KIA Co.C * Crisfield William B. PVT KIA Co.L * Crittenden John Jordan 2LT KIA Attached 20th Infantry Co.L * Custer Boston Civilian KIA Guide * Custer George Armstrong LTC KIA Staff * Custer Thomas Ward CPT KIA Co.C * Dalious James CPL KIA Co. A * Davis William PVT KIA Co.E * DeWolf James M. Attached KIA Acting Assistant Surgeon * Dohman Anton PVT KIA Co.F * Donnelly Timothy PVT KIA Co.F * Dorman Isaiah Civilian Indian Interpreter KIA * Dorn Richard B. PVT KIA Co.B * Dose Henry C. Trumpeter KIA Co.G * Downing Thomas P. PVT KIA Co.I * Drinan Jarnes PVT KIA Co.A * Driscoll Edward C. PVT KIA Co.I * Duggan John PVT KIA Co.L * Dye William PVT KIA Co.L * Eiseman George PVT KIA Co.C * Engle Gustave PVT KIA Co.C * Farrand James PVT KIA Co.C * Farrell Richard PVT KIA Co.E * Finckle August SGT KIA Co.C * Finley Jeremiah SGT KIA Co.C * Asylum Foley John CPL KIA Co.C * French Henry Eldon CPL KIA Co.C * Galvan James J. PVT KIA Co.L * Gardner William PVT KIA Co.F * Gilbert William H. CPL KIA Co.L * Gillette David C. PVT KIA Co.I * Golden Patrick PVT KIA Co.D * Gordon Henry PVT KIA Co.M * Gordon Thomas A. PVT Co.K * Graham Charles PVT KIA Co.L * Graham Thomas PVT Co.G * Griffin Patrick PVT KIA Co.C * Gross George H. PVT KIA Co.I * Hagan Thomas CPL KIA Co.E * Hagemann Otto CPL KIA Co.G * Hamilton Henry PVT KIA Co.L * Hammon George W. PVT KIA Co.F * Harrington Henry Moore 2LT KIA Co.C * Harrington Weston PVT KIA Co.L * Harrison William H. CPL KIA Co.L * Hathersall Jarnes PVT KIA Co.C * Haugge Louis PVT KIA Co.L * Hawell George Saddler KIA Co.C * Heath William H. Farrier KIA Co.L * Heim John PVT KIA Co.E * Helmer Julius PVT KIA Co.K * Henderson John PVT KIA Co.E * Henderson Sykes PVT KIA Co.E * Hetesimer Dam PVT KIA Co.I * Hieber William PVT KIA Co.E * Hiley John S. PVT KIA Co.E * Hodgson Benjamin Hubert 2LT KIA Co.B * Hohmeyer Frederick 1SGT KIA Co.E * Holcomb Edward P. PVT KIA Co.I * Horn Marion E. PVT KIA Co.I * Housen Edward PVT KIA Co.D * Hughes Francis T. PVT KIA Co.L * Hughes Robert H. SGT KIA Co.K * James William B. SGT KIA Co.E * Jones Julien D. CPL KIA Co.H * Kavanagh Thomas G. PVT KIA Co.L * Kelley Patrick PVT KIA Co.I * Kelly John P. PVT KIA Co.F * Kellogg Mark KIA Newspaper Reporter * Kenney Michael 1SGT KIA Co.F * Keogh Myles Walter.CPT KIA Co.I * Klein Gustav PVT KIA Co.F * Kleiner Nicholas PVT Co.F Detached Service * Klotzbucher Henry PVT KIA Co.M * Knauth Herman PVT KIA Co.F * Knecht Andy PVT KIA Co.E * Kramer William Trumpeter KIA Co.C * Lehman Henry PVT KIA Co.I * Lell George CPL KIA Co.H * Lerock William H. PVT KIA Co.F * Lewis John PVT KIA Co.C * Liddiard Herod T. PVT KIA Co.E * Liemann Werner L. PVT KIA Co.F * Lloyd Edward W. PVT KIA Co.I * Lobering Louis PVT KIA Co.L * Lorentz George PVT KIA Co.M * Lossee William A. PVT KIA Co.F * Mack George B. PVT KIA Co.B * Mahoney Berthol PVT KIA Co.L * Mann Frank C. Chief Packer KIA Packing Animals * Mason Henry S. CPL KIA Co.E * Mathey Edward Gustave 1LT Co.M * Maxwell Thomas E. PVT KIA Co.L * Meyer William D. PVT KIA Co.M * Miller John PVT KIA Co.L * Milton Francis E PVT KIA Co.F * Mitchell John PVT KIA Co.I * Monroe Joseph PVT KIA Co. F * Moody William PVT KIA Co.A * Moore Andrew J. PVT KIA Co.G * Morris George C. CPL KIA Co.I * McCarthy Charles PVT KIA Co.L * McDonald James PVT KIA Co.A * McDonnell John PVT Co.G * McElroy Thomas Trumpeter KIA Co.E * McGucker John Trumpter KIA Co.I * McGue Peter PVT KIA Co.L * McGuiness John J. PVT KIA Co.G * McIntosh Donald 1LT KIA Co. 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PVT KIA Co.L * Rollins Richard PVT KIA Co.A * Rood Edward PVT KIA Co.E * Rossbury John W. PVT KIA Co.I * Rudden Patrick PVT KIA Co.F * Russell James Henry PVT KIA Co.C * Ryan Daniel CPL KIA Co.C * Saunders Richard PVT KIA Co.F * Schele Henry PVT KIA Co.E * Schmidt Charles PVT KIA Co.L * Scollin Henry M. CPL KIA Co.M * Scott Charles PVT KIA Co.L * Seafferman Henry PVT KIA Co.G * Seiler John CPL KIA Co.L * Selby Crawford Saddler KIA Co.G * Shade Samuel S. PVT KIA Co.C * Sharrow William H. SGM KIA Staff * Shea Jeremiah PVT KIA Co.B * Short Nathan PVT KIA Co.C * Siefous Francis W. PVT KIA Co.F * Siemon Charles Blacksmith KIA Co.L * Siemanson Bent PVT KIA Co.L * Smallwood William PVT KIA Co.E * Smith Albert A. PVT KIA Co.E * Smith Algernon Emory 1LT KIA Co. A * Smith George E. PVT KIA Co.M * Smith James #1. PVT KIA Co.E * Smith James #2 PVT KIA Co.E * Snow Andrew PVT KIA Co.L * Stafford Benjamin F. PVT KIA Co.E * Stanley Edward PVT KIA Co.G * Staples Samuel S. CPL KIA Co.I * Stella Alexander PVT KIA Co.E * St. John Ludwick PVT KIA Co.C * Streing Frederick CPL KIA Co.M * Stuart Alpheus PVT KIA Co.C * Stungewitz Ygnatz PVT KIA Co.C * Sturgis James Garland 2LT KIA Co.M * Sullivan John PVT KIA Co.A * Summers David PVT KIA Co.M * Sweetzer Thomas P. PVT KIA Co.A * Symms Darwin L. PVT KIA Co.I * Tanner James J. PVT KIA Co.M * Tarbox Byron L. PVT KIA Co.L * Teeman William (actually Adams, William A) CPL KIA Co.F * Tessier Edward D. PVT KIA Co.L * Thadus John PVT KIA Co.C * Torrey William A. PVT KIA Co.E * Troy James E. PVT KIA Co.I * Turley Henry PVT KIA Co.M * Tweed Thomas S. PVT KIA Co.L * Van Allan Garrett PVT KIA Co.C * Van Sant Cornelius PVT KIA Co.E * Varden Frank E. 1SGT KIA Co.I * Vetter Michael PVT KIA Co.L * Vickory John SGT KIA Co.F * Voigt Henry C. PVT KIA Co.M * Von Bramer Charles PVT KIA Co.I * Voss Henry Chief Trumpeter KIA Staff * Walker George PVT KIA Co.E * WalshFrederick Trumpeter KIA Co.L * Warner Oscar T. PVT KIA Co.C * Warren Amos B. SGT KIA Co.L * Warren George A. PVT KIA Co.F * Wells Benjamin J. Farrier KIA Co.G * Whaley William B. PVT KIA Co.I * Wild John CPL KIA Co. I * Wilkison John R. SGT KIA Co.F * Winney DeWitt 1SGT KIA Co.K * Wright Willis B. PVT KIA Co.C * Wyman Henry PVT KIA Co.C * Yates George Walter CPT KIA Co. F


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