Thursday, June 01, 2006

Graduation Day

Congratulation to the Bishop Denis J. O'Connell High School Class of 2006 on their graduation! In looking at the list of graduates, I realized that I have come into contact with half of the entire class in two years time. These people were wonderful as students and I do believe I did my part to help prepare them for the future.

I must confess I came very close to missing their graduation. I had to take care of somethings in Alexandria and was held up there. So I had to drive into DC and go to the National Shrine, where the graduation was being held. I got into DC and thought I was doing well, but inadvertantly got lost! So as a drove around the wrong part of DC, I kept an eye on the clock and was thinking I would miss their graduation. Already I knew I would never be able to forgive myself or look at any of them in the eye because of it. As I was almost ready to give up and make the harrowing journey back to sweet Virginia, I saw the spire of the National Shrine and drove for it.

I arrived with only a few minutes to spare. So I did my infamous hundred yard dash. Sure enugh, some of my kids saw me and cheered me on as I ran. Only for them would I ever drive into DC and make an entrance like that. The entire ceremony was good and I realized just how much I will miss all of them. I got a few pics, which will hopefully get posted below in the next day or two.

After the graduation, I made the harrowing trip back to Virginia. My only comment on DC is that no one should ever drive in that city. Too many one way streets if you ask me. So as I got lost, yet again, in that city, I figured so long as I was making my way towards the Potomac River I was in good shape. Then I hit Georgetown. Hmmm, says I. Thankfully, a failed relationship with a girl in Maryland had taught me a few things about traveling through that state, so I knew as long as I kept moving in the direction I was going, sooner or later I would hit a familiar road. Low and behold, I found the KEY BRIDGE! And so as I cross the Potomac, I just screamed out, "VIRGINIA! VIRGINIA! VIRGINIA!"

After hearing my tale, I must say to my kids who will hopefully be gracing this site soon enough, Congratualtions everyone. You make me proud and I hope I can help you in any way possible in your future endeavors.

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James E. Martin said...

Graduation! WOHOO! What are you doing over the summer?