Sunday, June 11, 2006

Old School Tactics

In recent news, it was discovered that terrorists who were inspired by al Queda were going to make an attack in Canada by setting off bombs and storming into the Canadian Parliament, only to behead the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. One can only imagine what the Canadians will do now that this has been exposed, but one has to think that these people are going to take the war on terror more seriously now that an attempt like this has been made.
But what are we going to do about these insane people who only want to bomb us and kill innocent people? Well, in looking at some of the old military playbooks of history, I found one plan that might actually work.

In 1911, General John “Blackjack” Pershing was fighting Muslim renegades in the Philippines. Pershing needed to do something about this. These people were being massive thorns in his side and he wanted to take care of this problem once and for all. In order to resolve this, Pershing had captured some of the renegades. He ordered them to dig their own graves, then tied them to stakes. A hog was brought out, killed, and the bullets meant to be used in the firing squad execution was dipped into the hog’s blood. The renegades watched in horror all of this. The soldiers were given their bullets. Ready. Aim. Fire! All but one were killed. Those who were killed were cut loose from their stakes and dropped into the graves. After those bodies fell into the ground, Pershing had the hogs thrown into the graves with the dead renegades and buried them together. The sole survivor was told to tell his comrades about this and then released. The end result was that the Muslim renegades decided not to cause trouble anymore for the next fifty years.

Why did this plan work out so well? The reason is because Pershing put the fear of God into his enemies. If we want to win this War on Terror, then we will need to stop caring about the PC nonsense that is out there and take it to the terrorists.

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