Wednesday, July 26, 2006


With an opening theme song that captures the attention, plot lines which can still keep your attention, and a cast of great actors, Dallas has proven it can stand the test of time when it comes to television history. On August 1, the fifth season of the show will come out on DVD. As a kid, I watched the later seasons of the show, but with very little memory of it. As an adult, I can now appreciate the characters and realize just how much adult stuff was put on the show. In preparation for the release of the next season, I have been watching the previous for seasons.

For those that don't know anything about Dallas (shame on you), this is the story of the Ewing family, who made their money in oil from Texas. If you have already started to make a comment about the Bush family, then you need to get a girl or guy because your life is too dull to enjoy a television show.

The patriarch of the family is John Ross "Jock" Ewing, a grizzled Texan who found the oil the hard way, wild catting through Texas. The matriarch is "Miss" Ellie Southworth Ewing, daughter of a cattle rancher. The eledest son is John Ross "JR" Ewing, current head of Ewing Oil. JR's wife is Sue Ellen Shepherd Ewing, a former Miss Texas who enjoys drinking too much. The second son is Gary Ewing. Gary is also an alcoholic, but is not really seen on the show very much. He will become a central character on Knots Landing. To take Gary's place though is Lucy Ewing, Gary's daughter. The youngest boy is Robert "Bobby" Ewing, former face man of the company and now butts heads with JR as to how Ewing Oil should be run.

To add a little more spice to all of this is Pamela Barnes Ewing. Pam is the sister of Clifford Barnes, archnemesis to JR. Both Pam and Cliff are children of Willard "Digger" Barnes, former partner of Jock and long time enemy since the Depression. While Pam wants to have a happy life with her husband Bobby, Cliff looks to destroy the Ewings any way he can.

As a final little twist in the whole scheme, there is Ray Krebbes. Ray is the ranch foreman of Southfork, home to the Ewings and birth home of Miss Ellie. Ray used to have a love affair with Lucy, but that whole affair is dropped when it is announced that Ray was Jock's son from an affair Jock had back during World War II.

A lot of drama there, right? Well, the series provided tons of it: from JR scheming politics, funding a revolution, and of course being shot; to learning more and more about the family's background and how much their power could be lost in the state of Texas.

As for me, I go to admit I like JR. I know alot of people are saying to themselves that isn't much of a surprise, but he is a man that knows how to walk through a field of manure and still come out smelling like a rose. Besides, wouldn't you trust a man with a grin like that? I know I would.


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Dallas is Dallas, with its legacy and there will only be one Dallas, just as there can only be one Dukes Of Hazzard and Jessica Simpson did not do a decent job in the movie...... sadness

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