Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Special Editirioal By Miss Amy

Sports Players and Salaries.

I find it disgraceful that sports stars are paid millions of dollars for their talent. I am fully aware that their lives are in the public view, there is very little privacy, they become "heroes" and "role models" for children and adults. I realize that and it cannot be easy having all of your privacy stripped away. I just do not think that all of this is worth the 20+ million dollar contracts that so many young players sign on for right out of high school and/or college. They go to training camp, they have practices, games and A season each year. They spend time traveling, away from home, friends and family. Some even work on the holidays: Thanksgiving for some football players, Father's Day for baseball players.

On the opposite side of this are the hard working citizens. I know many people from this area (Fredericksburg) who are up and driving to work by 4:30 AM, the dead of night and off to work.
When do they come home?


Most anywhere from 6:30 pm to 8 pm and they are not making the millions of dollars. I have had many tell me that they make enough to be comfortable and to get bills paid. They are losing sleep, energy, time with their families and this is not all by choice. These people tend to only have a few sick days and some vacation time. They are essentially working longer and harder and for more days than any sports star.

Yes, they have the luxury of coming home and not being bombarded by paparazzi or can walk down through DC without people stopping for their autographs, but the lack of money is not worth it. They are doing so much more than just these "sports stars". I know, I was one of those people. I HAD to work to pay my bills and help fund my college education. It was worth it to me.
The military is being criticized in many forums, for many things. These humans said I want to serve my country, defend my country and its citizens so that they can say whatever they want about my job, my family and my country. The military workers are not asked if they want to be home for Thanksgiving or if they would like to shoot a commercial to make an extra $10 million. They are sent away from their families, many have to pack up every 2-4 years, move and make new friends, and don't always know what will be expected of them.

Also working on holidays, are doctors, nurses, firefighters, paramedics, pilots, flight attendants, gas station workers and none of them are paid millions of dollars to be away from their families or for ultimately giving up their holiday, a day off, a day to relax and enjoy your friends and family. No one asks them what do they want?

“What are your demands, Major?”

“Hey, Mister Firefighter, thank you for being a hero, thank you for saving my dog when the house caught fire.”

Are these words we hear? Actions we see?

To make it worse, in a sense, a lot of these "sports star role models" turn to drugs or live a very high class, flashy lifestyle and the next home boy says I am going to be just like so and so. Home boy turns to the drugs, sells the drugs, drops out of school, says he doesn't need to work, his skills will land him a job in the sports league of his choosing, after all he is Mister Hot Shot and just like Mister Super Sports Star who is out there sleeping around and using illegal substances, thinks its awesome to drink before the legal age.

Is this all the sports stars? No. Is this everyone or anyone who will or does play in a sports league? No. Do some of these stars deserve their money? YES. Am I bashing all sports players? No, just those who choose unwise moves as viewed by me, for being a super star. This is what we are paying money for, to have these people influence our children, while the rest of the hard working world, trying to keep it safe and to help others goes on, unnoticed, un-thanked and working their butts off for a weeks vacation.



BDM said...

There are folks who deserves better pay. I for one have never liked the high salaries of sprots stars and wish they didn't get it. But that is me. If anyone deseres higher salaries and a lot of praise, it is teachers and nurses.

Melissa said...

I wish they didn't get it either, but that is what is currently being given- and I bet that no one would agree to play for less, especially a valuable player.

It'd be nice if more insanely wealthy people were like Angelina Jolie and gave 1/3 of thier income to charity.

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