Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And the cannons roar again

Yesterday symbolized a momentous momet for all of us as it seemed nearly everyone was able to put aside their differences and act as Americans. I say nearly because it was reported tht there were a few folks who opted to take a few shots politically on 9-11. Raising Kaine decided to fire off a few opinions which drew a great deal of criticism, commentators on Not Larry Sabato for the most part were very good, but there were a few bad apples in there who really showed the negative side of all of us, only one political ad (but I think that one might have been missed. not too bad) The Hurst Blog got started, but I don't like the fact that there was a You Tube video asking if President Bush really cares about getting Osama bin Laden. In that same post, you have videos of Andy Hurts. I think this particular post, done on September 11, is rather tasteless. And then there is Jim Moran taking an opportunity to throw his own political ideas inot the mix. Truly shameless and a much needed reason to get him out of office. If this is such an "anti incumbent" year, then I think some of the Democrats who are absolutley worthless need to be voted out as well, starting with Jim Moran.

But now we are back to reality. already, a big announcement is expected to be made this afternoon for George Allen as reported by the A-Team. As I readjust trying to get back into the swing of politics after the emotionally draining day, a few thoughts came to mind that I wanted to share with all of you.

Yesterday, the school I work for did not have a moment of silence, memorial service, or anything in commemoration of 9-11. We had a bit of a lengthy prayer at the beginning of the day, but a number of my students commented that they were expecting more to be done. Members of the SCA(Student Council Association) said that when they were planning out events for the calendar, they forgot about 9-11 and thought the Administration was going to do something.

As near as I can tell, there was a serious breakdown of communications here because neither side knew what the other wanted to do for 9-11. In talking with my students, it was interesting to note how most teachers never really acknowledged the day at all. Some class spent a little time on the subject, but in a lot of depth.

Teaching Social Studies, it is rather obvious talking about that day was a very important step. The truly scary thought was that the Freshman class here, when asked about 9-11, gave blank stares about it. The fear which crossed my mind was that before too long, we are going to see more people forget every day what happened on 9-11. Do we really want that to happen?

If people stop talking about the Holocaust, then we will forget and a dictator might try to do it again. The same thing can be said about 9-11. If we don't talk about it and forget it happened, then a terrorist will try to do it again.

President Bush certainly hit it on the head when he said this War on Terror was the defining moment of the 21st centruy. If we chose not to stop the terrorists now, then who will? Do you think China or Russia will? Of course not. How about the United Nations? Well, they have been asleep at the wheel for some time now.

Some people say this Administration may go down as the worst ever. I for one doubt that. think history will ge the final decision on this. In the end, an depending on how things go with the War on Terror in the long run, we may see this Administration being the torch bearer to vicotry, or the only chance we had at trying to root out terrorism before it got a stranglehold. If the Howard Dean's of this country take control, we might want to start getting ready for the next attack because those people will deplete our military and roll out the welcome mat for the terrorists.

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