Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Second Wrestling War has begun

On November 13, 2005, Total Nonstop Action wrestling got a major acquisition with the arrival of Christian Cage. While this was big news, the first shot of the Second Wrestling War has occurred. Mark this date on your calendar: September 24, 2006. It was on this date on the No Surrender pay per view that a huge announcement was made: KURT ANGLE IS GOING TO TNA!!!!!!!!!!

For wrestling fans out there, this is huge news. Angle is an Olympic gold medalist. He is a former 6 time heavyweight champion in the WWE. Angle is hands down one of the best and legitimate tough wrestlers there is alive today. If you tick him off, he will stretch your body out in directions that would make Gumbi scream.

In addition to this, Angle coming to TNA is a huge thing for him personally. The travel schedule means he really only has to work 3 times a month. In addition to that, he has wrestlers who can put on great matches and carry themselves in the ring. Things are heating up in the wrestling world. The reason is because this will give the entire industry a much needed boost wen it comes to the product being given. Add that to the fact TNA is going to prime time television, things will really get interesting once November 16 arrives.

While it is going to be too soon for the company to go head to head with WWE on Monday nights, TNA can carve out Thursday nights as their own and begin to grow larger with their fan base. And once the house show tours begin, I will be there when they come to Virginia.

This is going to be exciting. How do you spell it?


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