Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Final Political Rant

After dealing with all that this Senate campaign race has had to offer, I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to lower my flag over the "political fort" and move on to a new format for my own blog. Am I sorry to leave politics behind? Not for a minute. The reason is simple: what should have been an open forum for everyone to discuss things rationally and civilly has turned into a slug fest with absolutely no limits.

A question was once asked if the blogosphere could ever be taken seriously. The answer, in my view, is no. If we need examples, we only need to read the posts all of us have done for the past couple of months to see that all of us have made this forum a joke, myself included. As such, I feel I can no longer be a part of this. I enjoy blogging and will continue to do so with my own interests, which I will address in a little bit, but the time has come to move on. A lot of people are getting frustrated with what has been going on, and I don't blame them.

As you may note, the links on the side ofthis page have been changed. The only ones who were there before dealing with politics are Mason Conservative, Republitarian, Commonwealth Conservative, and Shaun Kenney. I keep these four because (1) I know MC, (2) I love the Weekend Caption Contest, (3) Republitarian has blogger theme songs and I want him to give me one :o) , (4) Shaun does deal with other issues that I like to be kept informed on.

Also, I kept Cat House Chat because while she does talk a bit about politics, she also discusses other things dealing with life. If anything, her blog might be one of the best around because I for one enjoy going over there and seeing what is going on.

As for this blog, I plan on changing formats altogether and discussing topics that interest me alone: pro wrestling, fiction and non fiction books, my show, quizzes and tests, dvds, computer games, etc. You might have noticed the changes already occurring in the blog as I have thoguht about this for a little while. And so...

The Fact of the Matter is setting sail for a new horizon.

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Anonymous said...

I for one will miss the Fact of the Matter, however I do agree that politics usually does get out of control no matter how hard you try to manage it. Good Job for a great run!