Thursday, May 11, 2006

Chess Minions

Ever wonder what goes on in Chess Club? While the traditional norms of a bunch of "geeks and nerds" sitting around playing chess goes through most peoples minds, surprisingly the group can be very funto be around and extremely entertaining. Often times, the group discuss different things like video games or pokes fun at how they each play the game of chess.

One of the most interesting things that was brought up was how women are evil. Often times, men have stated that and can never comes up with a way to show it. So, here is the formula that some of these guys came up with:

Woman = Money x Time
Time = Money
Woman = Money x Money
Woman = Money Squared
The square root of evil = Money
Money Squared = Evil
Woman = Evil

Now, while every guy laughs and every woman fumes, you got to remember that this is all tongue in cheek. To believe that this "theory" is actually legitimate is ridiculous. Common sense can dictate that the root of all evil is greed, something both sexes can be tempted by. Therefore, in effect, both sexes are evil if they so desire to be. However, I will say, the formula is funny and if a guy ever finds himself in a position where he gets dumped, at least now he can sound smarter when he says his ex was evil.

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