Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. On this date we remember our fallen dead who died in the service of our country and honor them. While I know there are those who will say different things about our soldiers, I cannot help but remember that there was a specific cause for what these men died for.

They died for America. Throughout it all, we have had well over a million men and women who died to ensure that our nation is as strong as our nation is today. Critics of our current conflict can say what they will, but the fact still remains it is these soldiers who gave up their lives which allows these critics to voice their opinions. Our freedom is based on the greatest sacrifce made for our country.

So for these people, these fallen few, these heroes who still live today, I believe the best quote to remember at times like these is to think about what it is all of us are working towards.

"We know there are dangers ahead, as we know there are evils to fight and overcome, but we feel to the full the pulse of the prosperity we enjoy. Stout of heart, we see across the dangers the great future that lies beyond, and we rejoice as a giant refreshed, as a strong man girt for the race; and we go down into the arena where nations strive for mastery, our hearts lifted to the faith that to us and our children and our children’s children it shall be given to make this Republic the mightiest among the peoples of mankind.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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