Monday, May 15, 2006

Immigration Address

Tonight, President Bush addressed the nation and discussed the issue of illegal immigration and how to handle. In the address, the President discussed five points for fixing this problem.

1. Secure the border.
2. Temporary work program.
3. Make employers accountable
4. Millions are here, so we must use a middle ground with them
5. Work to continue to American idea of being the "melting pot."

When it comes to each of these things, they are all very valid points. The "melting pot" image is something the United States has been famous for. As a result, we need English to be our national language. By having this in place, it will give us the opportunity to make sure that this particular point of American culture remains in place and secures the fact that immigrants coming into the country will become more America.

Making employers accountable for hiring illegals will help dealing with the ones who are here. Current illegal immigrants will be forced to go for the worker program that can get them towards full legal status. As for temporary work/guest worker programs, this will allows us to make sure that people looking to help their families can still do that, but with legal protection and the ability to make sure they will not be exploited for their labor.

However, before we can do anything else, the border must be made secure. The President has discussed putting the National Guard on the border. Their primary responsibility is to do the grunt work and allow all the border patrol agents who are there to go out and be on the border. In addition to this, by having unmanned and technological advances be used to patrol the border, immigrants wanting to cross the border will realize the need to do it legally.

For me, I believe one system we can use is our friend in the picture above. Meet ED 309. Movie buffs might know him as the robot from Robocop. While there are a few bugs out there, it would be a heck of a deterant because he isn't something to ignore. A big robot with lots of fire power will scare some folks while also saying to themselves "Perhaps the legal way isn't as bad as I thought."

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