Monday, August 14, 2006

Allen's Listening Tour That NLS Is Blowing Out of Proportion

In a story being pushed as bigger than it really needs to be, Not Larry Sabato shows his true colors. He openly admitted he was being PAID by the Webb campaign to have a banner ad on his site. As a result, it doesn’t take very long for NLS to go ahead and get some video to Allen look bad. Above is the video. As you can see, Allen is not being racist as NLS and the liberals are going on about Senator Allen. This is partisan politics. Granted, Allen could have chosen some better words, but who among us has ever said things just in the heat of the moment?

Fact of the Matter

The fact of the matter is that NLS is serving only one interest here and that is the green of the Webb campaign. ASG, author of the site Action This Day, Mystical Fascination, and Time Machine, asks the question of who is doing the people’s business? In my opinion, NLS is not doing that. He is serving his own greed by getting paid for doing advertisement on his site and then blasting Allen.

I think Mason Conservative summed it all up by saying:

This is just going to get into a pissing match between "he said this, no he said this . . ." and its all going to be sound and fury and you know the rest. This is seriously grasping at straws. For the purposes of "both sides of the argument" check out these:
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But I guess if you pray and wish hard enough, this could be what you want it to be. The fact it, it is not. And for someone to say they "shuddered" when they head this is laughable. And I love Ben and his site, its usually my first stop. But this is the truest sign of desperation. 16 points down, no money, no support from the DSCC, and no issues that have captivated the commonwealth. So now what? Lets go back to the classic liberal attack: race. Lets try and catch Allen in some amorphous "racial" comment, feign outrage, and hope we can slip in the back door.
THAT is grasping.
(KILO gets credit for those links)

As for me, I think NLS needs to make it public that if he wants to support Webb and bash Allen, that he DOES NOT accept money from the Webb campaign. If NLS wants to support Webb, then he should be more than happy to advertise for the man for free. Stop serving your greedy interests NLS.


Kenton said...

Ben never claimed to be an independent observer (indeed, he jumped right out and endorsed Webb during a primary). Pretty obvious to me that he's got a preference. I don't think we can demand that he tone down his support for Webb.

BDM said...

That may be the case, but if you endorse someone, you should be willing to do your endorsing for free. I never said tone down his support. The fact that he gets PAID to advertise Webb says something else.

Anonymous said...

Man, how wrong were you? I'd be embarassed after commentary like this turned out to be so wrong...