Friday, August 04, 2006

Dallas the Movie

As mentioned in an earlier post, I am a pretty big fan of Dallas. When I heard word about the new Dallas movie that was going to be filmed based off the show, I naturally pounced with excitement over any news dealing with the cast. At the present moment, only two people are officially signed for the movie. The big shocker recently was Jennifer Lopez pulling out of the film. She was originally set to play Sue Ellen Ewing, but many people on the web did not like it. I have to agree with them, Lopez is not the person you want to play Sue Ellen.

In order to show my own ideas as to how the cast ought to look. Any other ideas?

The Cast
Jock Ewing played by Sam Elliot
Miss Ellie Ewing played by Rosemary Harris
JR Ewing played by John Travolta (confirmed)
Sue Ellen Ewing played by Julieanne Moore
Bobby Ewing played by Matthew McConaughey
Pam Ewing played by Jennifer Love Hewitt
Lucy Ewing played by Katie Cassidy (confirmed)
Ray Krebbs played by Kiefer Sutherland
Cliff Barnes played by Ed Harris
Digger Barnes played by Ken Kercheval
Kristen Shepherd played by Mandy Moore
The film itself should probably center around the famous storyline of who shot JR. In talking about this with Mason Conservative, we think the film should open with Digger Barnes trying to assassinate Jock Ewing when both men were middle aged. The film would then flash forward to them as older men, dealing with the knowledge that their feud is not quite the same, considering Bobby and Pam have gotten married. JR and Cliff have classic confrontations as JR begins to do an off shore Asian oil deal. When JR is mysteriously shot, everyone begins to wonder who did it. The obvious answer will be Cliff, but if the producers, writers, and director of the film are smart, they will make the shooter the same as in the TV series.

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