Friday, August 25, 2006

Ray Nagin does not heart New York

As the main stream media enjoys blasting Republicans, it seems Democrats have started to step in it again as well. We must never underestimate the ability of a Democrat to self destruct. Our Democrat of “shame” for today is none other than Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans, Louisiana. While doing an interview for the CBS show “60 Minutes,” it was pointed out that while New Orleans is still being rebuilt, there are parts of the city that do not seem to be getting fixed.

The reporter cited water damaged cars and a house that was almost into the middle of the road. In response to this comment, Nagin said, “You guys in New York can't get a hole in the ground fixed, and it's five years later. So let's be fair.”

So the World Trade Center is nothing more than a hole in the ground for Mayor Nagin. Never mind the fact that this “hole” was created thanks to terrorists and people who want to destroy our nation. New Orleans got hit by a hurricane and the next day the levies broke. Considering that meteorologists were telling the people along the Gulf Coast to get out while the getting was good days in advance, Nagin shows once again how inept he is as a mayor. People were killed for no reason in NYC. New Orleans could have evacuated in advance, but Nagin did nothing until it was too late.

Fact of the Matter

The fact of the matter on this is that people will spin this on how they want to see it. Liberal bloggers who read this will say that the federal government was incompetent when it came to New Orleans in the post Katrina days. But who ever said Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin were only supposed to sit on their hands and do nothing as news of a massive hurricane was coming their way? Is there not a little thing called initiative, the ability to act on one’s own decision and do things on their own?

It seems Ray Nagin doesn’t quite seem to understand that command is a lonely job. In addition to this, a leader needs to be able to make the tough decisions. One would think it isn’t hard to figure that if a big, big hurricane is coming your way, one might want to get to higher ground. More importantly, lets get the people out to safety.

Whether or not Nagin will apologize for his rude comment is yet to be seen. I bet he won’t. Any opinions? Let’s also watch our language people. We did learn vocabulary in school for a reason.

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