Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terrorists Foiled; The Left Yawns

A new terrorist attempt to use planes as weapons was foiled today through a joint effort of British and Pakistani forces. The terrorist planned on using sports juice bottles with explosives in it and detonate the bombs via an cell phone or an ipod. An event such as this is a reminder of what terrorists can do.

Fact of the Matter

The fact of the matter on this is that the liberals are going to blow this off, while conservatives will remind everyone of the dangers in the world. In fact, already President Bush has begun saying this. We can never deny that terrorists are out there and that they want to cause a lot of problems in the world. It is on record they hope to reform the former Ottoman Empire and basically try to get things back to the way it was before the West was able to take over being dominate in the world.

I cannot help but feel though the Democrats are now finding themselves in a rather awkward position. With Ned Lamont and other anti-war candidates coming up as challengers in the November election, it seems the new face of the Democratic Party is emerging. It would seem our politics is now being based off of what your position is on one issue.

While I would love to say that the world is a happy go lucky place, I can’t. I would seem some people still believe it is like that and we can just turn the clock beck to the Clinton years, where all we had to worry about was which intern was going to get goosed tomorrow. We would all love for that to happen again, but it will not come back. Instead, we live in a pretty scary world. In some way, it is still kill or be killed. So for the anti war Democrats and the liberals who will probably say who knows what to this post, I can only think of what Dane Cook said in Waiting:

Welcome to Thunder Dome, bitch!


Anonymous said...

Just because someone is anti-war doesn't make them anti-security. If you wouldn't mind linking to the news article that connects these terrorists to Iraq, I'm sure your readership would really appreciate it.

The real "Fact of the Matter" is that these terrorists were brought to Iraq because of our involvement in the war.

The other "Fact of the Matter" is that a blog called "Fact of the Matter" where some spoiled rich kid from Fairfax spouts off his opinions as fact is ironic. Perhaps a better name would be "Irony of the Matter".

BDM said...


Where did I mention Iraq in any of this post? Are you also so blind as to not check main stream media? CNN, Fox News, MSN? Amazing that you chose Iraq to complan about when I didn't even mention the country.

Spoiled Rich Kid? That just made my day.

1. I am not a kid.
2. I am not rich. I am a teacher, which means I am poor.
3. If I am spoiled, it is only because I do that to myself on occassion in order to boost morale.

I think it is rather interesting that you decided to remain "Anonymous" instead of admitting who you are with some kind of name. Very little respect is given by me to a person who cannot identify themselves.

ASG said...

According to the latest national polls most Americans are not impressed with the failed attempts of this Administration to win the war on terrorism. Well over 70 % of the American people do not believe America is winning the war on terror despite the Mary Sunshine pronouncements of the President and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. What the American people want is competence not spin. As the great military strategist Sun Tzu said, “The object of war is victory, not prolonged operations”.

It is hard to take this Administration’s commitment to Homeland Security seriously when it has permitted millions of illegal aliens to pour across the borders annually. If you can’t secure the borders how can you have “Homeland Security”? Does anyone imagine that terrorists are unable to do what millions of illegal aliens are doing…that is…walk across the unprotected border.

Homeland Security begins at home.

BDM said...

Homeland security begins at home, but it is not as if illegal immigration began January 20, 2001. Fact still remains that the Mexico itself also needs to step up efforts to secure their northern border. In fact, Mexico has one of the strictest immigration policies; however, its citizens whine when we want to make our immigration laws stricter.

As for Sun Tzu, the Art of War has had its influences on many people. This is not a war even Sun Tzu would have seen. We are engaged in a war, as one man put, called a Gray War. Everyone around us is technically a front line soldier.

The Brits were able to stop ther terrorists. These people wanted to blow up ten, count it on your hands, TEN airliners coming to the United States. Where do you think they would blow the planes? Over cities, in airports.

For Sun Tzu, war was art that had rules, guidelines, and you knew what to expect. Terrorists don't care for it.