Sunday, August 06, 2006

I can't believe I am doing a real post about Webb

It seems odd for me to be doing a post about Jim Webb, but here it goes. If anyone has paid attention to some of my comments on Webb, they know that I feel Webb is only running on the “Anti-Iraq” front and has almost no real difference in ideas that Republicans have on all major issues. In addition to this, Webb has shown nothing since the primaries in the form of mailing literature and having commercials on television. Meanwhile, I have seen commercials for George Allen and Josh Rales, who is running in Maryland. I will say this, as much as it might shock some people to hear this, I think Rales is a pretty good guy. He comes across as sincere and I think the way he presents his message could lead him to the Senate if the Democrats were to actually get behind him.

I have a “Source” within the Webb campaign that has not said anything positive about it. While some folks at Virginia Progressive are convinced my source does not exist, I think the fact they can’t figure out who it is says more about how blind they are. If you need a hint, look carefully at your volunteers and see if there is an older and thinner version of me. His comments have been rather interesting. The NOVA Headquarters were not what he expected.

Now, Webbers have been saying they got campaign literature and are ready to go with that. “Source” said a rather different tale. As he pointed out, it was as if the campaign was spending more time rationing out their supplies than trying to canvas the community. This observation came at a Webb event being held on the Waterfront in Alexandria. In addition to this, “Source” indicated that even the volunteers helping at the event were less concerned with winning and more concerned about trying to keep an Allen victory at five percent or less. This does not inspire confidence in a candidate if his own supporters are ready to reel it in and quit.

As for Webb, if he was as serious as he claimed to be about becoming the new junior senator for Virginia, why does he need to run across the country and raise money. He should be pressing the flesh, kissing babies, and being seen throughout the state. Allen, on the other hand, is here.

Fact of the Matter

The fact of the matter on this is Webb is floundering. I know all of his supporters will say their usual stuff about him winning, but so far he isn’t impressing me. Yes, I support Allen, but that doesn’t mean I won’t look at an opponent and see what they say. The one weapon Webb has is his blogger minions (Virginia Progressive) who will be more than happy to blast whatever negative ideas and thoughts out to the electorate as they wish.

They claim they don’t like negative messages, but it is funny how they are still willing to do it themselves. Swords have two edges for a reason. I think if Webb is serious about being a senator for Virginia, he needs to get serious about it. Lose the boots, stop traveling across the country, and start making an impact in Virginia.


James E. Martin said...

NoVA Headquarters isnt pretty, filled with cheap furniture and junk food, but it does its job and it does it well. Your conclusion is false; the campaign is well run with lots of enthusiastic volunteers (someone Allen could only wish for)!

BDM said...

Not according to "SOURCE."

James E. Martin said...

Then "source" has never been in a political Headquarters or "source" doesnt exist.

BDM said...

"Source" does exist. As for being in the headquarters, he has been there. Even did some work for the campaign. He wasn't too impressed and knows what half assed work looks like. In addition to my source, look at a few of the other blogs. A number of folks are saying Webb is in danger. You can go down with the ship. It is, after all, more honorable. Just because a person disagrees with your viewpoint doesn't mean you need to get yourself all tied in a knot. A lot of folks aren't impressed with Webb. Explain to me, James, why Webb (A confirmed candidate) can't get a single commercial out just for name recognition while Josh Rales, who probably won't even get the Maryland nomination, has produced five commercials.

hr_conservative said...

He does not have any money. He has not been able to inspire donors to give to him. And I have heard similar rumors, bdm. Even on RK, posters there have posted things to the effect of [the Webb campaign is finally getting on track]. This implies that it was not on track before, even though we have heard glowing reports in these past months that everything is fine.

I hope it continues. Let those that think Webb is doing fine continue to think so. It only helps Allen.

VOR said...

Six months ago, Ned Lamont had zero name recognition. Yesterday, in Connecticut, he toppled an incumbent Senator with eighteen years of experience and national name recognition, because that Senator was out of touch with the people.

Here in Virginia we have another David and Goliath contest, with populist war hero Jim Webb pitted against George Allen, darling of the Fundamentalist religious right and the neo-con big money boys. Allen epitomizes the phrase “out of touch”, as he proudly (!?) boasts that he has parroted the policies of George W. Bush 97% of the time. Of course, only some thirty percent of the American people are content with Bush’s handling of the Government, but George Allen and the special interests don’t seem to care if they are out of touch with the American people, as they smirk at the people of Virginia from behind a $6 million dollar war chest. Apparently they believe money can buy anything.

But there is a Populist wave sweeping Virginia. Rising up in their righteous indignation, and led by Jim Webb, a true American hero, the people will retake Virginia from the intolerant right wing extremists and the special interests.