Friday, August 11, 2006

Sometimes I wonder...

In looking at some of the shows of the past, I stumbled across something rather interesting. GI Joe. This was a military organization with a mission to defeat a world wide terrorist organization known as Cobra. Now let us think for a moment. A world wide terrorist organization? Sounds a little close to home don't you think? I also have to think that GI Joe can only get its funding through a Republican Administration, because Democrats would never fund GI Joe. As for the identitites of some of the people, I got to think the following:

Hawk = George W. Bush
Flint = Dick Cheney
Duke = Donald Rumsfeld

But what about the masked figure above at the beginning of the post? We got Cobra Commander. There is only one person who that could be! Cobra Commander is none other than Osama Bin Laden! I knew it all along. As for the rest of Cobra, we know it is al Queda.

Of course, GI Joe never had to worry about people wanting to tuck tail and run. Let's just hope the weenies out there don't screw over the real GI Joes.

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